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The Challenges of Marine / Oil and Gas Equipment Leasing Industry in Nigeria

Equipment leasing has become a big subsector in the marine/oil and gas industry in Nigeria. This subsector is increasingly becoming an all comers affair, due mainly to its lucrative nature. But the high capital investment that goes into its full establishment, accounts for the few established players in the industry. For the new comers in the industry (both the equipment owners and potential clients), there are several dangers in the industry that are capable of ruining your business or making you to incur losses, if not properly handled.

One of such problems is touting. Touting is one of the greatest setbacks in the equipment leasing industry in Nigeria. There are a lot of touts who lay claims to what they are not and end up either misleading or shortchanging unsuspecting clients. Most complains by clients about poor service in the industry, is more often than not, the result of business dealings with touts in the industry who cannot provide quality service due to lack of sound professional background.

Close to the above is the issue of swindlers in the industry. The marine environment is full of men with shady characters who may have no business or stake in the industry but are there just to swindle clients. Many who do not do their due diligence before entering into contract with equipment leasing company end up most times losing millions of naira to swindlers who pose as leasers.

Insecurity also features as a great challenge in the industry. This is more so when one considers that the coastal regions where greater part of marine/ oil and gas activities take place, have unarguably the greatest share of criminal activities, sea piracy, youth restiveness, kidnapping, deadly nocturnal groups, cults, etc. The activities of these criminal elements often result to violent crimes, theft of equipment, kidnap of crew etc., thus frustrating the smooth operation of the industry.

To get the best service in the equipment leasing industry, one is advised to deal with authentic equipment leasing companies like Marineng. When you lease our equipment, we provide security and tracking services at no additional cost.
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Posted: November 23, 2020 08:31 am



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