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With the coming of Marineng into the marine/oil and gas equipment leasing industry, excellence has been reenacted. Marineng has injected new innovations into the marine/oil and gas equipment leasing industry. A lot has been introduced, that were hitherto not there, thereby making the industry to come alive.

Marineng has introduced periodic conferences, workshops, symposia, etc. that bring individual participants, corporate entities, allied industries and other critical stakeholders together for updates on happenings and other innovations in the industry. Through these avenues, the sharpening of the knowledge and skills of the industry’s practitioners through resourceful lectures and improvement in service delivery have been achieved.
The coming of Marineng into the equipment leasing industry has provided great opportunities for individual and corporate entities in the industry. In most of the conferences hosted by Marineng, the company provides the platform for exhibition by marine /oil and gas equipment owners, thus availing them the opportunity to advertise their companies and services.

Apart from the above, with the coming of Marineng into the marine equipment leasing industry, clients are now given more value for their money. When Marineng leases an equipment to a company, they are about the only company that offers to track your goods with no additional cost. They go as far as providing security services from the point of departure to the destination of your goods. Marineng offers to handle extra logistics also.
Marineng’s equipment leasing entails a lot of services not covered by the traditional equipment leasing companies. The services of most of the equipment leasing companies in Nigeria end immediately their equipment are leased and all payments made. The lessee is left to bear any additional cost that might arise in course of the use of that equipment. But in Marineng, besides footing all additional cost, Marineng goes further to offer professional advice to the lessee that helps him choose cost effective measures while ensuring the optimum use of available resources.

At Marinng, we have available for lease: boats, barges and vessels of different types and capacities at very cheap rate and in good condition.

Our Office is at 17 Sentels Plaza, No. 24 East-West Road, Opposite Deeper Life Headquarters, and Port Harcourt.

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Posted: November 24, 2020 09:23 am



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